Upholstery Cleaning

Sofas & Armchairs

Our team are ready to tackle those stains on your sofa. Maybe you're turning around a property for a new tenant lease or just trying to bring back some of the original colours back to your sofa/settee we can help.

We have a professional process for cleaning all manner of fabric sofas from 2-3 seaters all the way up to the larger corner sofas.

Upholstery being cleaned

Rugs & Curtains

Out tools of the trade also work on rugs. If you've got a delicate rug or even the thick rug our cleaning service can take out 99% of all the dirt and stains from a rug.

If you have curtains to be cleaned we advise taking them to dry cleaner, however, depending on how large and thick the curtains are we may also be able to help remove stains.

We can look at this more closely when on site.

Column 2

Filthily rug

Leather & Matresses

Our delicate chemical mixture can also work on leather furniture pieces as well as mattresses.

We've cleaned many furniture items no matter what the fabric is we usually can remove any stubborn dirt or stains with ease.  Here are the areas we serve.

wand cleaner on matress

Relax and put your feet up

Did you know that if you have a dirty house it can lower your mood?  Well, it's time to start feeling great again.