Info on Chem-dry

What is Chem-Dry?  Well, it’s actually a competitor of Clean Team Aberdeen’s, however, we discuss everything in this blog and going by some of the search queries in Google people are googling “Chem-Dry”.  

First time I heard the name I thought it was a small company or some form of carpet cleaning process, however, Chem-Dry is actually a franchise company and is huge.  They started a business in California in the 1970’s however it’s now operated out of Utah in the USA.

They do have a franchise holder here in Aberdeen, however, I have not met this chap yet so can’t really comment on the competitors.  What I would say about Clean Team Aberdeen compared to any larger franchise companies is that we are the probably better value of money.

The thinking here is that because we are not operating a franchise we have fewer overheads and not having to pay a commission to use the name Chem-Dry or whatever other franchise you might know of.  Let’s compare it to MacDonald’s and the Sizzlers here in Aberdeen both are a similar price, but if you’ve been to both you know who does the better burgers.

It’s that small independent service that you can only get, local service with a smile.

So apart from maybe price what other things set us apart?  Well, we offer a far more bespoke service, you see franchise operators have to stick to guidelines and prices.  If a custom request by the customer is asked for we can be much more flexible in helping out.  I once was asked if I’ve clean the car mats as part of the service after I’d been in the house.  Not a problem job was done.


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