Handy trick to remove hard stains.

Using the Following:

  • Window Cleaner
    Baking Soda
    Dishwasher detergent
    A Carpet Scrap

Here is an easy way to clean stains out of your carpet we saw this technique used by some carpet installers at our house and we are going to show you how to do it especially if you have a house with kids and dogs like we do.
The first one is out this stuff is really built in because I don’t know because this is kind of like a sauce with something that drips probably from a can being thrown away.

Wow, I often make plenty of videos but this really work, we had those stains on there forever to.

Alright so the first thing we want to do is spray on a little bit of your liquid glass cleaner like that and you are going to take your carpet pad and all you have to do is kind of rub in a circular motion and you want to work out those stains keep rubbing. Yes, I am cleaning the carpet and you can see it takes it right out. A little bit left there this works pretty well on grease and oil stain as well. You can use a little bit of baking powder and liquid dish detergent along with the glass cleaner and that’s how it’s done.

Here is an example of how to clean oil and grease out of a carpet we saw this procedure done by carpet installers at our house when they tracked in some grease we are showing you this in our garage this is a heavily used high traffic area and I might add it is freezing there are the ingredients to use.

Full video demonstration

Little liquid glass cleaner we are going to try and clean an area with a oil or gas stain you can use a little bit of baking soda and also a little bit of liquid dish detergent on your scrap of carpet works quite well just like that
Considering this is like I said garage carpeting

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