Carpet cleaning machines – what equipment we use

There is a whole range of equipment that can be used to clean your carpets.  Our professional services have a bit of history – being in the business for this long we know what equipment is required for the job to get done properly.  Here’s a complete breakdown of some of the basics we use:


Jaguar 8.4 / Jaguar Cub
Vac Hose 2” x 50 ft or more
Solution hose 50 ft or more
2 Jet Wand/ 4 Jet wand
Stair tool
Sebo BS 36 vac/ Faast 14T twin motored commercial upright
Turbo brush
Upholstery tool ( Clear head)
Sapphire Upholstery Tool ? Clear head upholstery tool
Spotting Kit
Furniture sliders
Pile rake
XI 6 litre pump sprayer
TM3 Agitation Machine/ Pro 35 / Sebo Duo/ floormac
Power Brush Contractor Kit
Over shoes
Venus 2 litre
Boffin Brush
Cleaning in progress sign
Furniture Foils
Solution trial pack


This list will make sense to the industry experts but you the customer probably don’t care what type of equipment is used – all you are interested in is getting the job done at a professional level.  If you are shopping around for a good price then you can use this list to ask the question what kit they use, or better yet just call us as you have our list above.

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