Carpet cleaner rental – why my cat proves it’s a false economy.

First let me state that I am obviously biased to the title of this article, we offer carpet cleaning services so I am whole hearty going to agree with the point of view that renting a carpet cleaner is not the way to go.

There is, however, a big BUT which I have personally experienced prior to starting Clean Team Aberdeen.

I’ll set the scene, a rather tragic scene. 

Our 9-year-old cat was ill, he was falling over and had trouble walking, usually, he took his business outside however due to the illness he had to start using a litter tray.  This in itself was a challenge for him.  Getting his legs over the side of the litter tray became difficult and as his illness went on things got worse.

We did take him to the vet on numerous occasions to find out exactly what the problem was, unfortunately, it went undiagnosed.  I had to start putting down newspapers in the back room as he started just going to the toilet where possible, usually on the backroom carpet.  This went on for about a week.  I was then forced sadly to put our cat down.  Not an easy task or decision, the first pet where I’ve been in that situation.

The carpet stunk of cat urine.  I decided the solution was to go down to our local Morison’s in Aberdeen and hire the Rug Doctor carpet cleaner.  A big mistake!

The initial advertised price was from memory £40 which seemed reasonable for a weekend hire.  I thought to myself I can get all the carpet’s cleaned not only the back room.  Before I left the counter the clerk said to me that I also had to purchase the correct solution for the carpet cleaner.  I had completely forgotten about this.

On the Rug Doctor’s website, you can see the cost of their “professional carpet cleaning solution”  One case costs roughly £45.  Do the math and you’ll see that the rental will easily cost £100.

A bit of a rip off -sorry guys.
A bit of a rip-off -sorry guys.

The other issue I had was that the carpet still stunk of cat urine.  My attempt (at a cost of £100) to get rid of the smell was in vain.

We decided at the time to rip up the carpet and put down vinyl flooring.  This again added another £300 to that bill.

What is the lesson of this story?  Well if I had used a Carpet Cleaning professional carpet cleaning service

with the proper equipment, I could have eliminated that problem.

This blog post is dedicated to our cat Binky who is still in our hearts.