Carpet cleaning machines – what equipment we use

There is a whole range of equipment that can be used to clean your carpets.  Our professional services have a bit of history – being in the business for this long we know what equipment is required for the job to get done properly.  Here’s a complete breakdown of some of the basics we use:


Jaguar 8.4 / Jaguar Cub
Vac Hose 2” x 50 ft or more
Solution hose 50 ft or more
2 Jet Wand/ 4 Jet wand
Stair tool
Sebo BS 36 vac/ Faast 14T twin motored commercial upright
Turbo brush
Upholstery tool ( Clear head)
Sapphire Upholstery Tool ? Clear head upholstery tool
Spotting Kit
Furniture sliders
Pile rake
XI 6 litre pump sprayer
TM3 Agitation Machine/ Pro 35 / Sebo Duo/ floormac
Power Brush Contractor Kit
Over shoes
Venus 2 litre
Boffin Brush
Cleaning in progress sign
Furniture Foils
Solution trial pack


This list will make sense to the industry experts but you the customer probably don’t care what type of equipment is used – all you are interested in is getting the job done at a professional level.  If you are shopping around for a good price then you can use this list to ask the question what kit they use, or better yet just call us as you have our list above.

Pet stain problems? Try this first

I get asked a lot what’s a home remedy to take out pet stains in your carpet well I am going to show you how to do that. Right here is some things you are going to need to take out those stains.


  • white towel or cloth
  • shop  vac
  • dishwasher detergent
  • vinegar
  • two spray bottles

One with warm water and some of the dish detergent to take out the stains what you are going to do next is you are going to take the cleaner and spray it on the spot once you spray it on the spot you are going to take your damp white towel and wipe up the stain what you are going to do next is you are going to take your bottle with warm water and vinegar.

What the vinegar  does is to neutralizer for  the pet stain and what I mean by that is  you are going to get it out by your cleaner but the vinegar is  going to neutralize and make sure that area is disinfected so spray it down once you spray it down get your shop vac  turn it on and  you are going to go over it  several  times  what that’s going to  do is get everything out of the carpet and make sure its neutralize completely  .

So I hope this home remedy helped you getting out pet stains in your carpet if it didn’t contact us here at Clean Team Aberdeen.

Original credit goes to Dynamic Carpet Care you can watch the full video here:


Before and after

I asked my wife what she thought of this website before I decided to make it public.  The one criticism she told me was that there were no before and after photos of our services.  What a numpty I almost forgot!  Anyway below are some example of jobs we’ve done over the past week or so.  Obviously, you can’t smell these pictures but if you choose our service you’ll find that your carpets will also give off a freshness smell.

Close up
Close up of before and after.
Living Room
Living Room
Living Room 20 minutes later.
Living Room 20 minutes later.
We can clean all types of stairs. There tends to be more dirt on stairs (before picture)
We can clean all types of stairs. There tends to be more dirt on stairs (before picture)
After, newley cleaned.
After, newly cleaned.
Back office cleaning on a recent commerical job.
Back office cleaning on a recent commercial job.
Small office before
Small office before
Office after
Office after

in-a-oner bedroom-before bedroom-after


Handy trick to remove hard stains.

Using the Following:

  • Window Cleaner
    Baking Soda
    Dishwasher detergent
    A Carpet Scrap

Here is an easy way to clean stains out of your carpet we saw this technique used by some carpet installers at our house and we are going to show you how to do it especially if you have a house with kids and dogs like we do.
The first one is out this stuff is really built in because I don’t know because this is kind of like a sauce with something that drips probably from a can being thrown away.

Wow, I often make plenty of videos but this really work, we had those stains on there forever to.

Alright so the first thing we want to do is spray on a little bit of your liquid glass cleaner like that and you are going to take your carpet pad and all you have to do is kind of rub in a circular motion and you want to work out those stains keep rubbing. Yes, I am cleaning the carpet and you can see it takes it right out. A little bit left there this works pretty well on grease and oil stain as well. You can use a little bit of baking powder and liquid dish detergent along with the glass cleaner and that’s how it’s done.

Here is an example of how to clean oil and grease out of a carpet we saw this procedure done by carpet installers at our house when they tracked in some grease we are showing you this in our garage this is a heavily used high traffic area and I might add it is freezing there are the ingredients to use.

Full video demonstration

Little liquid glass cleaner we are going to try and clean an area with a oil or gas stain you can use a little bit of baking soda and also a little bit of liquid dish detergent on your scrap of carpet works quite well just like that
Considering this is like I said garage carpeting

How to use carpet cleaner

We would like to show you the most effective way to clean your carpet. We help to take the mystery out of carpet cleaning. The procedure we’d like to demonstrate is hot water extraction. This is the method recommended by most carpet manufacturers and carpet maintenance experts. It works in either a commercial or residential setting. You often hear the phrase steam cleaning. There’s no such a thing when it comes to carpet. What steam cleaning actually refers to hot water extraction. The extraction process is simple. A machine with a pump injects hot water into the carpet under pressure and flushes out the soil from the base of the carpet. A powerful vacuum recovers or extracts the water along with the suspended soil.

hot water extraction

Here is a typical extractor. It has a clean solution tank and a recovery tank. This type of extractor is referred to as a box and wand, in which a wand and hose are attached to the machine. It has a pump, which injects the water into the carpet. When the valve trigger on the wand is depressed, water goes through these jets on the underside of the wand. The soil and water are recovered by a vacuum through the wand and hose into a recovery tank. Another type of extractor is called the self-contained extractor. It’s basically the same, but the solution tank and the recovery tank. But it does not use a hose and water. Instead, the vacuum tube is built into the machine with the water jets just behind the vacuum tube. This type of extractor usually has a cylindrical brush behind the vacuum tube to agitate the cardboard fibres and provide additional cleaning. The soil and water are recovered by pulling the machine backwards over the carpet. So the vacuum tube on the self-contained machine serves the same purpose as the one on the other machine. The cleaning process is essentially the same with both types of the extractor.

types of cleaners

These machines can be rented for cleaning your carpet at home. And usually, the necessary cleaning chemicals can be purchased from the same source where you rent the extractor. You should have a carpet spotting chemical and a pre-spray chemical. You also need a pump up sprayer.

Step 1)

The first step, of course, is to move the furniture out of the area that you’re going to clean. Then it’s very important to vacuum the carpet thoroughly. The vacuum removes loose soil and reduces the load on the extractor. You want to vacuum in both directions and make at least a half dozen passes in each direction. The next step is to pre-treat any spots or stains with the carpet spotter. Apply the carpet spotter to the spot and allow it to sit for five minutes. Then use a white towel and press it onto the spot. You’re trying to transfer the spot from the carpet to the towel.

Do not rub the spot form the inside out as this can spread the stain.

Step 2)

Now we’re ready for the extraction process. Mix the pre-spray chemical according to the label directions in a pump sprayer. The key point to remember is to pre-spray the cleaning chemical onto the carpet prior to extracting. Spray an even mist over the entire carpet. The carpet should be wet, but not the saturated with the chemical solution. Allow the chemicals to stay on the carpet for about ten minutes. This is called dwell time or contact time. This allows the chemical time to emulsify the soil.

Step 3)

Now you’re ready to extract. Fill the solution of the extractor with hot water. The water should be a shot as possible. An important point to remember with either self-contained extractor or a Bunsen wand, overlap your strokes and your masses slowly.

Step 4)

With the box and wand, start far into the room. With both the solution pump and the vacuum on, depress the valve trigger on the wand so the water’s coming to the jets and pull the want straight backwards up two to four feet. And release the valve trigger so that only the vacuum is operating when water’s coming out and push the wand straight forward over the area, at the area that you just did. This stroke removes more moisture and helps dry the carpet. The wand is then shifted sideways for the next backwards pass with a two-inch overlap. Depress the valve trigger again and pull the wands straight back. The process is repeated moving left to right or right to left, depending on which of the side of the room you started at, across the room until the entire room is done. With the self-contained extractor, the process is similar. With both the solution pump and the vacuum, depress the triggers on the handle so that water’s coming to the jets. Pull the machine backwards slowly and make a pass the entire length or width of the room. Release the trigger so that no water’s coming through the jets and move the machine forward to your original starting point.

Go over the same area again with the vacuum only, no water, to remove more moisture. Then shift the extractor to the right or to the left, depending on which side of the room you started and then move it forward back to the starting point. Turn the solution pump on again, depress your triggers and make another pass walking backwards overlapping the previous pass by about two inches and repeat this process till the entire room is done.

Step 5)

The final step is to get the carpet dry before replacing any furniture. Drying can be assisted by using a fan to circulate the air above the carpet. If the weather is seasonable, you can open the windows and turn on the air conditioning. Cleaning carpet by hot water extraction is simple and you won’t damage the carpet by overwetting if you follow these procedures. Now that you have this information, all you need to do is use your head. (Pro tip if your in a hurry to dry)

Info on Chem-dry

What is Chem-Dry?  Well, it’s actually a competitor of Clean Team Aberdeen’s, however, we discuss everything in this blog and going by some of the search queries in Google people are googling “Chem-Dry”.  

First time I heard the name I thought it was a small company or some form of carpet cleaning process, however, Chem-Dry is actually a franchise company and is huge.  They started a business in California in the 1970’s however it’s now operated out of Utah in the USA.

They do have a franchise holder here in Aberdeen, however, I have not met this chap yet so can’t really comment on the competitors.  What I would say about Clean Team Aberdeen compared to any larger franchise companies is that we are the probably better value of money.

The thinking here is that because we are not operating a franchise we have fewer overheads and not having to pay a commission to use the name Chem-Dry or whatever other franchise you might know of.  Let’s compare it to MacDonald’s and the Sizzlers here in Aberdeen both are a similar price, but if you’ve been to both you know who does the better burgers.

It’s that small independent service that you can only get, local service with a smile.

So apart from maybe price what other things set us apart?  Well, we offer a far more bespoke service, you see franchise operators have to stick to guidelines and prices.  If a custom request by the customer is asked for we can be much more flexible in helping out.  I once was asked if I’ve clean the car mats as part of the service after I’d been in the house.  Not a problem job was done.


The top 5 common stains to remove from carpets

I pondered over the title of this page, why write it I asked? I run a carpet cleaning business why would I go out of my way to give tips on how to keep your carpet clean? Why not just call us…
I add value and love to give more to our customers. If you’ve just got your carpets cleaned by us you should have an email already outlining how to keep your carpet clean and free from those nasty stains.


Here are the top 5 tips I’ve found from all over the googles on how to keep those nasty stains out.

Let’s start off with the worst offender:

1 Dog Poop.


Ideally, you want to remove as much of the mess by hand (wear gloves) as you can without rubbing it into the carpet, that will just make the problem worse.

Next cold soapy water, bucket and cloth. Don’t try to make a large wet patch just cover the area affected otherwise you are rubbing that odour to clean parts of the carpet which we want to avoid, go easy there no matter how bad it is.

Job done? Probably not you might still have a smell once this area dries. A mixture of water/baking soda & white vinegar can neutralise the odour.


2. Coffee

The rise of Starbucks and other mean we are all drinking more coffee. Personally, I prefer a black coffee from Nero’s. The blacker the better but if you get it in your carpet that can be a real problem. What’s worse if you take it with milk that milk can go sour and you get a real smell on the air. What’s a carpet cleaning man to do? Easy. I can jus use my van mounted carpet cleaning system. If you don’t have the luxury of this you could try.

Fairy up liquid and warm water, blot the stain then dry with paper towel. The dry then apply a mixture of water and white vinegar to kill the odour.


3. Red Wine

Haven’t had a glass in ages, however, when I do have a tipple things can get messy. I love this guy Gary V – if you are into your wine check him out.

And if you’ve spilt then here’s how to remove.

Blot the area with a paper towel, the less wine we have to deal with the better, time is important here, don’t let it dry in. We are going to use our trusty white vinegar + fairy liquid + water solution this time. All three in a oner. Wash, blot, dry. Repeat where necessary.

4.  Cat Pee

One of the worst types of carpet issues has to be cat urine.  The smell can really get to you, sometimes it can be hard to spot.  I wrote originally about this in my first blog post and our cat Binky.  A rather sad story and it just outlines why we should have got a professional carpet cleaning company in the first place.

5. Candle Wax

Along with chewing gum candle wax is probably the worst type of stain to get on a carpet.  Of course, there is no smell but that solid wax that forms can be a real pain to remove.  So what’s the best way?

Watch this video – easy when you know how.

I’m new here hello

Well it’s official I am now writing the blog for Clean Team Aberdeen, Clark is just too busy to do this so he has tasked this to me.

I should introduce myself and tell you a little bit of what I’ve got planned.

My name is Cath Anderson, husband Clark Anderson owner of Clean Team Aberdeen.

I will actively be producing helpful blog posts on how to keep a carpet clean and other house hold chores.  Sounds fun doesn’t it (yes I know what you are thinking!)

I do hope to add some energy and usefulness so stay tuned.

Carpet cleaner rental – why my cat proves it’s a false economy.

First let me state that I am obviously biased to the title of this article, we offer carpet cleaning services so I am whole hearty going to agree with the point of view that renting a carpet cleaner is not the way to go.

There is, however, a big BUT which I have personally experienced prior to starting Clean Team Aberdeen.

I’ll set the scene, a rather tragic scene. 

Our 9-year-old cat was ill, he was falling over and had trouble walking, usually, he took his business outside however due to the illness he had to start using a litter tray.  This in itself was a challenge for him.  Getting his legs over the side of the litter tray became difficult and as his illness went on things got worse.

We did take him to the vet on numerous occasions to find out exactly what the problem was, unfortunately, it went undiagnosed.  I had to start putting down newspapers in the back room as he started just going to the toilet where possible, usually on the backroom carpet.  This went on for about a week.  I was then forced sadly to put our cat down.  Not an easy task or decision, the first pet where I’ve been in that situation.

The carpet stunk of cat urine.  I decided the solution was to go down to our local Morison’s in Aberdeen and hire the Rug Doctor carpet cleaner.  A big mistake!

The initial advertised price was from memory £40 which seemed reasonable for a weekend hire.  I thought to myself I can get all the carpet’s cleaned not only the back room.  Before I left the counter the clerk said to me that I also had to purchase the correct solution for the carpet cleaner.  I had completely forgotten about this.

On the Rug Doctor’s website, you can see the cost of their “professional carpet cleaning solution”  One case costs roughly £45.  Do the math and you’ll see that the rental will easily cost £100.

A bit of a rip off -sorry guys.
A bit of a rip-off -sorry guys.

The other issue I had was that the carpet still stunk of cat urine.  My attempt (at a cost of £100) to get rid of the smell was in vain.

We decided at the time to rip up the carpet and put down vinyl flooring.  This again added another £300 to that bill.

What is the lesson of this story?  Well if I had used a Carpet Cleaning professional carpet cleaning service

with the proper equipment, I could have eliminated that problem.

This blog post is dedicated to our cat Binky who is still in our hearts.